Great White Bear has worked with local theaters and educational institutions to record dozens of live events. Most of these are for archival or private promotional purposes and not available online (such as DR. HORRIBLE, CELEBRATION OF THE LIZARD, A WEEKEND WITH PABLO PICASSO, many others).  Over the last few years people have asked us about recording Fringe shows (and we’ve done a couple), and this year we have a Fringe-only offer.  We will shoot a Fringe show with 2 HD cameras, live edited to an H.264 video file, for $200.  Nothing fancy, and we’ll have this for you in 24 hours or less.  We’ll copy this to media you provide (figure 16GB, USB 2.0 or better), or put it on a basic Flash drive (we’ve got some for $6).

We are producing a show of our own this year, so we have schedule limitations.  Also, if you want a different deliverable, with less or more compression, fewer or more cameras, that may be possible.  Just get in touch. The far-flung Fringe venues make scheduling tricky, so sooner the better.