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REVOLUCION: THE DREAM OF VILLA AND ZAPATA will become the definitive musical celebrating the two greatest folk heroes of Mexico.  Rising up to lead separate armies of dispossessed farmers and the desperately poor, their triumphant march into Mexico City on December 6, 1914 is more than historic.  However violent and corrupt Mexico may have been before, and sometimes seems since then, the extraordinary if short-lived triumph of Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata gives hope to every person who considers themselves Mexican.  This musical will contextualize the Mexican Revolution, on the border of the United States and the brink of World War I, and allow every audience to celebrate the achievement of an all-but-impossible dream.

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WEAVERS SONG clip ("Wasn't That a Time?")

ASIANAMERICAS clip, interview-based theater developed by Asian Story Theater with San Diego Asian American Repertory Theatre, with support of California Arts Council (6:00)

STORIES OF THE SUN CAFE is a collaborative project being explored by ASIAN STORY THEATER in conjunction with the JAPANESE AMERICAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF SAN DIEGO and principals from the SAN DIEGO CHINESE HISTORICAL MUSEUM. We are looking to meet with people who have stories, either first-hand or as recounted by family members, related to the historic Sun Cafe. Did you work there, meet/eat there, remember your favorite menu item? We would also like to talk to people of Japanese or Chinese ancestry with memories of living in downtown San Diego during the 1930s, 40s or 50s. All contributions will be included in the JAHSSD archive of oral histories. To participate, send email with the subject “Sun Cafe” to For more information, check out the website for the, or the Japanese American Historical Society of San Diego (

THE MUSICAL PAUL GAUGUIN. Most people do not know all the diverse cultural influences that contributed to Gauguin's work: his childhood in Peru, the pastoral piety of life in Brittany, art-changing experiences around the Caribbean, all finally transformed by his time in Tahiti and Polynesia. Gauguin surrendered everything--his family, his church, and ultimately his life--to manifest his creative destiny. Staged as a workshop in 2011; development ongoing toward NYMF submission late summer of 2014. Also SALÓN, a short play built around some of the key women in Gauguin's life will premiere in June/July of 2014 as part of the San Diego Fringe Festival. Details will be linked here shortly.