Red, White & Blacklisted

Coming to the San Diego Fringe Festival, July 2014

RED, WHITE & BLACKLISTED is a live documentary with music. Writer and folksinger Lee Hays was a founding member of the Almanac Singers with Woody Guthrie and of The Weavers with Pete Seeger.  Hays sang bass and wrote eloquently about American farmers, sharecroppers, and industrial workers earning their own place in this country, in effect the birth of the American middle class.  Precarious as being middle class is today, reaching this standing was even more difficult and dangerous during the 1930's, 40's, and 50's.  As both an activist, folk hero, and alleged-Communist victim, Hays had a unique perspective on this seminal period of American history‚Äďa perspective that should sound alarm bells in our country today. Each performance will include guest performers on a schedule to be announced right here, and include some of the finest musicians in San Diego today.